Stage F: Post Apocalyptic

L Shaped stage area with yard.
Graffiti, Sheet Metal Walls, Concrete Floor, Dillapidated, Gritty, Grimy, Abandoned.
Sliding Door for drive in access.
L Shapped Stage Area (1): 160 x 50 x (14'-22') - (W x L x H)
L Shapped Stage Area (2): 100 x 60 x (14'-22') - (W x L x H)
No amenities, no power at this location. Please inquire to learn about generator and distro rentals.

Studio Address
Zynderia Productions
1716 Naud Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Mailing Address
Zynderia Productions
PO Box 31734
Los Angeles, CA 90031

(323) 379-4747